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Parts & Upgrades
We have a large inventory of parts and upgrades for our notebooks
3rd Party Service
Our service center has the capacity to service certain notebook models sold by 3rd party companies like AMS and EPS.





Technical Support 

We have been selling notebook computers for many years.   Over the years we have sold many different models with different revisions, variations, and configurations.  Through different marketing campaigns, the computers have been called by different names.  Since technical data is very computer specific, we categorize all of our technical data by the model number & serial number placed on the bottom of every system.

If you are unsure of the model number from the bottom of your computer, or have a question which is not computer specific, you can contact us by completing a  support request form.

Parts & Upgrades
Information on upgrading notebook computers is very specific to certain models, revisions, versions, etc so it is included in the technical support information.  To examine your upgrade options, please select your model from the box on the left.  If you are looking for pricing and availability on a specific upgrade or part, please complete our  parts & upgrade request form.

3rd Party Upgrades and Service
We also provide upgrades and out of warranty service to certain 3rd party computers. To see if we can provide you this service for your 3rd party computers, please see out  3rd Party Service page.