Parts & Upgrade Requests

If you are looking for prices and availability on upgrades and parts for our notebook computers, please complete the following form. Please be sure to include ALL Requested information. Parts & Upgrades  are very specific to a particular model, revision, version, etc. The accuracy of our technical answers is greatly dependent upon the accuracy of the information provided.

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STEP 2 - Tell us about your computer, configuration, and problem

Note: The model and serial numbers are needed to determine which parts or upgrades will work properly with your computer.  In most cases, it is impossible to determine the correct part without this information. If you are requesting information on a sub-component or accessory like an AC Adapter or Battery please list the information from the computer and not the item itself. 

Model Number

(Found on sticker on bottom of the computer)
Serial Number (On bottom, usually on a bar code label)


Part / Upgrade Request
Please be as specific as possible. The accuracy of our response is greatly dependant upon the accuracy of the information provided.

STEP 3 - Double check and send information