Units with BIOS version 1.19 or higher are Y2K compliant.

How to tell if your computer is compliant
Turn the computer on and look at the first screen which appears.   Look for a line which begins with the characters "NB5" followed by a version number and a date.  This should be the 5th line of text from the top of the screen.  Example "NB5   V1.14    (08-03-2021)" The number following the letter V is the version number.  This number is 1.19 or higher, then your system is already compliant.

What if your computer is not compliant
You will need to update your BIOS.  The system came in 3 different versions, based on the type of LCD installed.  There are 3 different BIOS versions,  Monochrome, Dual Scan, and Active Matrix to match the system's LCD.  You can tell the LCD type from the serial number.  The 5th Digit represents the serial number.  The letter M denotes monochrome, D denotes Dual Scan, and T denotes Active Matrix.  Example NB5-D  Has a dual scan screen.

BIOS Version Usage
NB5-M Use on units with Monochrome LCDs
NB5-D Use on units with Dual Scan LCDs
NB5-T Use on units with Active Matrix LCDs