MP978 / MP979 Drivers

Download & Usage Instructions
To download, click on the file listed below.  When prompted by your web browser, select save the file to your computer.  Make note of the location of where you stored the file.  After downloading, locate and double click the file.  The file will open and begin the self extraction process.  After extraction the readme.txt file will open automatically to explain the usage of the driver.

Windows 95 Driver Pack Size
This download contains all the drivers necessary to configure Windows 95.  The drivers included are the Chips and Technology video drivers, Yamaha sound drivers, and the Intel TX chipset driver. For Complete instructions you can read the README.TXT file in the download or read the frequently asked questions. Note these drivers are required for playing DVD movies with the Margi MPEG2 decoder card.
Windows NT 4.0 Driver Pack Size
Driver set for Windows NT 4.0.  The download contains the Chips and Technology video drivers and the Yamaha sound drivers needed for Window NT. For Complete instructions you can read the README.TXT file in the download or read the frequently asked questions.
USB Support Supplement for Windows 95 924k Last Updated 0/00/00
This is Microsoft's Supplement to add USB support to Windows 95 version OSR2.  You only need this if your Windows CD ROM does not say "with USB support" on it.  Note that this file cannot be used with older versions or retail versions of Windows 95..
Logitech Mouseware Ver 2.3a 1,100k Last Updated 8/07/98
Update to the mouse driver which ships with the systems.  This update solves issues of the system generating errors when resuming from power managment. Note if you system was preloaded  you already have this driver..
Cardbus Update for Windows 95 52k Last Updated 11/07/98
Microsoft's cardbus support for Windows 95 has a bug in that you cannot hear dialing sounds when using PCMCIA modems on systems with cardbus controllers.  This update resloves this issue.
Panasonic 20x CD ROM Driver Ver 2.0 50k Last Updated 11/07/98
Real mode driver for Panasonic (KME) CD ROMs. This fixes an issue of Windows 95 taking a long time to shut down ONLY when using a Zip drive in place of the floppy drive.. This does not apply to users with 24x CD ROM Drives.
V.90 Internal Modem Firmware Update 623k Last Updated 11/07/98
Updates the optional internal modem from the Kflex standard to the newer V.90 standard for 56k modems. Note this is for the internal modem only and may damage PCMCIA modems..