The following are some of the general specifications and capabilities of the model.  Note  that some of the options listed may not be installed in or supported by your computer. Also note that the options listed are meant to cover all variations sold and may not be currently available.








MP978 / MP979

Model Profile

Microprocessor:  MP978: Intel Pentium 166~233MMX, Tillamook 233~266, AMD K6 266~300, AMD K6-2 300Mhz
Tillamook 266 & AMD are only supported on certain versions or require additional hardware. Please see upgrade information for details
Intel Pentium II 266~333Mhz in Mobile Module MMC-1 package. 
LCD:  12.1" TFT, 13.0" DSTN, 13.3" TFT, 14.1" TFT
Memory:  16~128MB EDO or SDRAM
Hard Drive:  The system uses a 2.5" EIDE or Ultra DMA hard drive.  Capacities used are 2-14GB . 
Y2K Status:  All versions of the system and BIOS will properly handle year 2000 date issues.
Chipsets:   Chips & Tech 65555 (VGA), Yamaha YMF715 (Sound), National Semiconductor NS87388 (I/O), Texas Instruments 1130 (PCMCIA on MP978), O2Micro OZ6860 (PCMCIA on MP979)

Technical Information

Frequently Asked Questions:  Answers to the most frequent questions posed to our technical support engineers.  Topics covered include how to configure different operating systems and specific bugs and work-arounds.
Driver Files


Contains drivers for the most popular operating system as well as supplemental software which was not shipped with the system
Upgrade Information The what, where, and how of maximizing your computer's configuration.

Email Support
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