ARa/MP968 Drivers

Download & Usage Instructions
To download, click on the file listed below.  When prompted by your web browser, select save the file to your computer.  Make note of the location of where you stored the file.  After downloading, locate and double click the file.  The file will open and begin the self extraction process.  After extraction the readme.txt file will open automatically to explain the usage of the driver.

Windows 95 Driver Pack Size
The only driver necessary for Win95 is for the IDE controller.  The above link will download this file.  Note that there is a very specific installation procedure which is described on the FAQ page and inside the README.TXT file inside the download.
Windows NT 4.0 Driver Pack Size
The drivers required are shipped on the Windows NT CD ROM disk.  For installation instructions please read the frequently asked questions.
Suspend to Disk Utility Size
Last Updated 10/18/99
Utility used to create a suspend to disk partition. 
DOS CD ROM Driver  Size
Last Updated 10/11/99
Real mode driver for CD ROM  Note that this driver is intended to be used in MS-DOS, if your CD ROM will not work in Windows, Please read the FAQ Page before using this driver..