3rd Party Upgrades and Service

We have been in the portable computer business since its beginnings in the early '90's, so we have the expertise to service many different portable computers.  Nearly all manufacturer's notebooks are produced by factory sub-contractors and many different brands are made by the same factory.  You may see many similarities between your computer from another vendor and our notebook models.  In cases where a computer was produced by the same factory as one of our models, we will likely have the parts and service expertise to upgrade and service your computer.

Since there are many different brands and models of notebook computers with many companies who have gone out of business, it is not possible for use to maintain an accurate cross-reference between 3rd part model numbers and models which we are able to service.  Please complete the information below so that we can try to cross-reference your computer and let you know what upgrades, parts, or service we can provide.

Note that although we can provide upgrades, parts, and out of warranty service for 3rd party computer, we cannot provide technical support for 3rd party computers.  We are not an authorized service center for other notebook brands and cannot provide any in warranty service for 3rd party computers.  If your computer is still under warranty from a 3rd party, having us provide upgrades, parts, or service many void or interfere with your warranty.

Please be sure to include ALL Requested information. Parts & Upgrades  are very specific to a particular model, revision, version, etc. The accuracy of our technical answers is greatly dependent upon the accuracy of the information provided.  


STEP 1 - Tell us a bit about yourself














STEP 2 - Tell us about your computer, configuration, and request

Note: The model and serial numbers are needed to determine which parts or upgrades will work properly with your computer.  In most cases, it is impossible to determine the correct part without this information. If you are requesting information on a sub-component or accessory like an AC Adapter or Battery please list the information from the computer and not the item itself. 

Model Number

(Found on sticker on bottom of the computer)
Serial Number (On bottom, usually on a bar code label)
FCC ID Number (On bottom of most computers)


Upgrade / Service Request
Please be as specific as possible. The accuracy of our response is greatly dependant upon the accuracy of the information provided.

STEP 3 - Double check and send information