Knowledge Base Article
Subject: ARa / MP968 Memory configurations and upgrades
Model: ARa / MP968 BIOS Ver: n/a
OS: n/a Download File(s): n/a
Created: 03/24/00 Modified: 10/12/2020

The memory in this system is arranged as 8MB soldered on to the mainboard and two expansion sockets located under the keyboard.  In order to expand the memory, both of these sockets must be filled with identical memory modules.  The modules can be 4MB, 8MB, or 16MB each which will give total memory configurations of 8MB, 16MB, 24MB, and 40MB.

The system uses 5V, 72 pin, non-parity, fast page mode, SODIMM modules


  1.   Turn the computer off and remove all power sources
  2.   Place the computer in front of you and open the screen, just like if you were going to use it.
  3.  Look in the crack between the bottom row of keys on the keyboard and the case of the computer.  You will be able to see the black plastic base of the keyboard
  4.  If you look 3 keys from the left hand side you will see a notch cut in the base of the keyboard 
  5.  Insert a flat screwdriver into this notch and move the handle away from the LCD. This action will push the keyboard towards the LCD and lift it up.
  6.  Repeat step 5, except in the notch located 3 keys over from the right hand side of the keyboard.
  7. You will now be able to lift the keyboard up
  8.  In the area under the keyboard you will see 2 white memory sockets.  If there is memory currently installed in these sockets, it will need to be removed and replaced with larger capacity modules.  To remove the modules, push the clips retaining clips to the side and lift the rear of the module to a 45 degree angle and then pull the modules out towards the LCD.
  9.   To install the new memory, insert the memory modules at a 45 degree angle and then press the rear of the module down until it snaps into place.  If the memory seems very hard to snap down, then it probably not seated all the way into the socket