Knowledge Base Article
Subject: ARa / MP968 BIOS Updates
Model: ARa / MP968 BIOS Ver: n/a
OS: n/a Download File(s): BIOS Version D14 
BIOS Version F14 
BIOS Version G14
BIOS Version H14 
BIOS Version I14
Created: 03/28/00 Modified: 10/16/2000

 The most updated version of the BIOS is version 14.  The file can be downloaded from the download link above.

Application Notes
This model and many different versions and configurations, so the BIOS applications are very specific to certain configurations. In order to determine the proper BIOS, you must first find out the serial number of the computer and the current BIOS version.  The serial number is located on the bottom of the computer on a bar code label.  Your Existing BIOS version will appear on the first screen after the computer is turned on.  The version line is the 4th line from the top of the screen and reads "System Version:  L## - L##  date"  (L = a letter, # = a digit).  The first group is your BIOS version and the second group is your Keyboard Controller version.  Once you have this information, follow the steps below to find the proper version.

 1. Is your Current BIOS Version (first group) "B05"?  - If Yes you have a later version of the system and your BIOS does not need to be updated.  If No, continue.

 2. Is your Keyboard BIOS version (second group) "C18" or "K01"?  If Yes, Continue.  If No, you cannot update your BIOS without first replacing the keyboard controller chip on the mainboard.  You should contact our technical support department about purchasing the new controller chip.

 3. Does your current BIOS version begin with "H", "G", or "I"?  If Yes, Download and the version listed above which begins with the same letter.  If No, continue.

 4. Does your serial number begin with "ARA" or "ARB"?  If Yes, Download Version F14.  If No, continue.

 5. If you have made it to this point, you should download version D14.

You should not update your BIOS just because the file is available.  BIOS updated are released to address specific issued found within a model.  BIOS updates do not give your computer added features.  There is a chance that an error may occur in the update process which will leave your computer in an un-usable state.  Also before downloading, please be 100% sure that this update applies to your specific version of the model which you own. Damage resulting from a failed BIOS update will not be covered under the warranty unless instructed to update by our technical support staff.  In downloading and installing this update, you are doing so at your own risk.