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Subject: Computer will not turn off by pressing the power switch
Model: MP975 MP979 MP989 MP995 MP983 3300 1400 1300 3300  6020 6120 BIOS Ver: N/A
OS: N/A Download File(s): N/A
Created: 03/24/00 Modified: 10/12/2020


When you press the power switch the computer will not turn off


 Current portable computers incorporate soft power.  Under soft power, pressing the power switch does not interrupt the power flow to the computer.  Instead it sends a signal to the BIOS which will process this request and turn the computer off.  This design allows software to control the turning off of the computer, for power management purposes and to prevent shutdown at improper times.  If for any reason, the computer hangs it will not be able to process the switch request.  

 By pressing and holding the power switch down for 10 seconds you can invoke a manual override which will switch the power off directly.