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Subject: Battery Training
Model: MP975 MP979 MP989 MP995 MP983 3300  3300  6020 6120 BIOS Ver: N/A
OS: N/A Download File(s): N/A
Created: 03/24/00 Modified: 10/12/2020


Battery Indicator is inaccurate 
Battery life is poor


The batteries used by this computer are "smart" batteries. This means that they have a level indicator built into the battery. This indicator needs to be "trained" periodically so that it can match its levels to the actual battery capacity. This should be done when the battery is new and also periodically as the battery wears. If this is not done the battery indicator on the battery or in the system will be incorrect (it usually will not show full charge). Also note that the indicator on the battery or on the system (depends upon model) is the most accurate. The battery meter function in Windows 95 is only accurate to +/- 10%. The following is the procedure to train a smart battery:

Note: if you have activated battery low suspend to disk, disable it because this will prevent the battery from draining all the way.

  1. Run the system until the battery starts to beep
  2. Click Start, Shutdown, and Restart in MS-DOS Mode (If you are using Win NT, just click on start and shutdown)
  3. Once at a DOS prompt let the system run until it shuts off (If you are using Win NT, wait until the "It is safe to turn off your computer" message appears and let the battery run out with this screen on)
  4. Insert the AC adapter and let the system charge until the indicator on the small LCD indicates full charge (check the manual for your model for indicator operation)
  5. Repeat this procedure 3 times.

Although the procedure is similar to curing "memory effect" on NI-CAD batteries, THIS IS NOT MEMORY EFFECT. Memory effect only happens on NI-CAD batteries. With memory effect the battery stops producing power too soon. With battery training the battery is capable of producing power for the same amount of time, just the detection circuit says it is low to soon. This rundown should be done just using the computer ONLY. Trying to "deep discharge" the batteries using an external device, although good for the older NICAD batteries, will damage or destroy NI-MH and LI-Ion batteries.