Knowledge Base Article
Subject: Windows NT Configuration
Model: MP975 BIOS Ver: n/a
OS: WinNT Download File(s): n/a
Created: 03/24/00 Modified: 10/12/2020


After installing WinNT the LCD is in 640x480 mode with 16 colors and the sound and PCMCIA cards will not operate


 You Must Log on to the system as the ADMINISTRATOR or as a user with administrator rights because the following procedures will need to change some system files. Administrator level permissions are required to modify the system files. Remove any PCMCIA cards from the system, they may reserve resources which are required by the sound or video hardware. The drivers should be installed in the order listed and all the drivers need to be loaded.

Video -

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select Display
  3. Select the Settings tab and click the display type button
  4. Click on Change.
  5. When the list of Manufactures/Models appears, select Have Disk
  6. When it asks you for the location of the drivers type "d:\drvlib\video\x86\chips"
  7. It will select the Chips and Technology driver, click ok
  8. It will give a warning about loading a 3rd party display driver, select OK
  9. OK and Restart.
  10. You will get a message indicating that a new driver is installed and you need to configure it.
  11. Set the Display Area to 800x600 and set the colors to "65,536 colors" Then Select OK
  12. Click OK to apply the Changes.

Sound -

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select Multimedia
  3. Click on the Devices Tab
  4. Click on ADD, select Unlisted or Updated Driver
  5. Insert the Windows NT CD and type "d:\drvlib\audio\ess\i386"

NOTE: you can also load the same driver from the Notebook utilities CD which ships with the computer. If you use this CD, the location of the driver files is "d:\essnt40\16_1788".

  1. It will pickup the ESS drivers; click OK
  2. Set Base Address to 220
  3. Set the Interrupt to 7, DMA to 1, and MPU401 to 320
  4. Restart Windows


The controller in the computer is supported by Windows NT 4.0, there is no configuration necessary. Any configuration needed will be specific to the PCMCIA card in which you are using. Please note that the PCMCIA services in Windows NT do not support Hot Swapping of cards, so you must install the cards before turning the computer on. Most times PCMCIA problems are caused by the cards occupying or requesting the same resources as the sound or video card in the system, so make sure both the Sound and Video card are configured properly BEFORE attempting to install any PCMCIA Cards.

Video Capture/MPEG Playback -

Both of these features require are not supported under Windows NT 4.0.