Knowledge Base Article
Subject: MP975 BIOS Updates
Model: MP975 BIOS Ver: n/a
OS: n/a Download File(s): Version 1.38 for 256k cache
Version 1.38 for 512k cache
Created: 03/28/00 Modified: 10/16/2000

 The most updated version of the BIOS is version 1.38.  The file can be downloaded from the download link above.

Application Notes
This update applies to all versions of the MP975.  Note that this BIOS CANNOT be use if you have a docking station (it is OK to use with a port replicator). You must download and install the version that matches the cache size which is installed in your computer.  To determine the cache size, boot the computer.  On the second screen which appears after power on the cache size will be listed on the top of the screen.  Note with windows installed, it may be difficult to read this in the short time before the windows logo appears.  You can stop the boot by placing a floppy disk in the drive.   Also note that if you are upgrading from a much older BIOS version, this update may cause drivers in windows to not operate properly.  You may have to reload drivers or reconfigure/reload windows to make the system operate properly.

Determining Your Current Version
The BIOS version is listed on the first screen after power on.  The version is displayed directly below the double line across the screen.  The format will be V + version + date.  Note that the version will never be 1.17, this is the Systemsoft internal version and not the computer's BIOS version.

You should not update your BIOS just because the file is available.  BIOS updated are released to address specific issued found within a model.  BIOS updates do not give your computer added features.  There is a chance that an error may occur in the update process which will leave your computer in an un-usable state.  Also before downloading, please be 100% sure that this update applies to your specific version of the model which you own. Damage resulting from a failed BIOS update will not be covered under the warranty unless instructed to update by our technical support staff.  In downloading and installing this update, you are doing so at your own risk.