Knowledge Base Article
Subject: MP975 Fn Key Combinations
Model: MP975 BIOS Ver: N/A
OS: N/A Download File(s): N/A
Created: 03/24/00 Modified: 10/12/2020

The Following Table Lists The Keys and Functions (note complementary items are grouped by color)

Fn + ~ Disable Capture & ZV
Fn + 1 Enable Capture
Fn + 2 Enable ZV port
Fn + 3 Enable IR
Fn + 4 Enable Internal Modem
Fn + 5 Enable TV out for NTSC (port replicator)
Fn + 6 Enable TV out for PAL (port replicator)
Fn + F3 Increase Contrast
Fn + F4 Decrease Contrast
Fn + F5 Increase Brightness
Fn + F6 Decrease Brightness
Fn + F7 Increase Volume
Fn + F8 Decrease Volume
Fn + F9 Enter Sleep Mode
Fn + F10 Enter Hibernation Mode (S2D)
Fn + B Disable Battery Low Warning Beeps
Fn + Q Mutes Sound Card
Fn + T Toggles Video Output (CRT,LCD,Both)