Services and Fees

Website Design and Development

Website development costs vary greatly depending on the size and sophistication of the site and the demands made by content requirements, i.e. custom graphics, imagery, database architecture and programming implementation.

Listed below are the individual elements that are part of every WebMasters' website, along with a brief explanation of each.



Site Design and Layout 

  • Site layout - organization of page hierarchy and associated links.
  • Text and image layout - graphics, paragraph, and margin formatting.  May or may not include graphical text, columns, or tables.
  • Custom color scheme - background graphic and text colors designed to compliment existing client logo and/or other materials received from client.

Graphic Design and Manipulation

  • Main graphic for home page - based on materials received from client.
  • Graphical headers or navigational icons.
  • Dynamic graphical elements - animated graphics or icons.
  • Scanning and touch-up of photos.
  • Image optimization. (minimizing file size of each image)

HTML Implementation

  • Test copy and in-line graphics implemented with page formatting, as determined in layout design.
  • Hyperlinks to other pages, external sites or e-mail addresses.
  • Browser compatibility checks to ensure site functionality in a variety of popular browsers.

Information Forms

All forms are formatted to match the rest of the site and include a cgi script which automatically emails results to your email account and provides a confirmation page to your site visitor.

( markup wizards )

A basic information form includes data fields for "Name", "Address", "Phone", "Fax", "E-Mail", and a box for suggestions.

Custom Programming

Includes Perl, PHP, CGI, Java, C, C++, Delphi and other Rapid Application Development Programming.

Hosting Services

WebMasters can work directly with your hosting service provider, or you can host your site on our servers.  We do not require that you host your site with WebMasters.  Our client websites are served from Pentium II class Apache servers connected to the internet via multiple T1 and D3 lines.

Website Hosting Fees range from $75-500/month billed quarterly and in advance (fee adjusted according to allocated disk space).

Our Hosting Services include:

login: _
  • Server disk space for web site files
  • Dial-up account (Internet access) with local phone numbers in the Delaware Valley
  • FTP account (File Transfer Protocol)
  • 1 Business mailbox ([email protected])*
  • Up to 10 email alias accounts (e.g. [email protected]; [email protected]; etc) which are re-directed, behind the scenes, to whatever mail address you designate.
  • Nightly backup of all your data.
  • 24/7 Server monitoring in a secure, alarmed facility.
  • On-line statistical site traffic reports reflecting approximate number of visits to the site, number of unique internet account names accessing the site, number of visits per web page, distribution of visitor domain types (e.g. .com, .gov, .edu, etc.)
  • Both UNIX and Microsoft NT Servers (We support Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions on all platforms)

  • * Additional accounts available

Domain Name Services

WebMasters strongly advises that each website use a unique domain name.  However, should the client decide not to register a domain name, WebMasters will host the client website in a subdirectory of the domain name. (example:

Domain Name Registration:

  • Verification of Domain Name Availability
  • Submission of request for domain name to InterNIC Registration Services
  • Two years of registered domain name use

Domain Name Set-up: $50

Assignment of domain name to client’s website account.

Site Promotion and Marketing Services

When your site is ready and published, we will submit its address to over 300 search engines and directories including:  Yahoo!, MSN, Google, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, WebCrawler, Alta Vista, HotBot and more.

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