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Keynote 8330

   Specifications (Configure To Order)

Processor: Intel uPGA478 P4/Northwood CPU, 256/512KB L2 cache on die, and Celeron 128KB L2 400MHz FSB up to 533MHz
Memory: One SODIMM slot expandable up to 1GB using DDR SDRAM module
Display & Graphics: 15.0 inch XGA or 14.1 inch XGA TFT driven by SiS 651 with embedded 3D engine with up to 64MB of shared memory
Drives: 2.5inx9.5mm ATA 100/66 Hard Drive with 5.25 inchx12.7mm Optical Drive (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/DVD+CD-RW Combo/DVD-RW)
User Interface: 88 key keyboard with 12 function keys and 3 Windows keys; E-mail & internet hot keys; Synaptics touchpad w/ scroll buttons
Audio: AC97 2.1 compliant controller with 5.1 channel support and two built-in stereo speakers
Core Logic: SiS 651 + SiS962 with AMI BIOS
Power: 8 cell 2000mAh 59Whr Li-Ion battery pack with 90W AC Adapter
Communications: 10/100BT LAN on board with V.90 MiniPCI Fax/Modem
Input/Output: USB 2.0(x2), parallel port, VGA port, RJ-11, RJ-45, FIR, 1394A, TV-Out , head phone(SPDIF), Mic_in, 1 Type II PCMCIA
Physical: 13.07 x 11.06 x 1.56/1.88 inches (W x D x H-Front/H-Rear) 7.5lbs

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