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Keynote 6530B02

The perfect balance between portability and affordability.  The Keynote 6530 series employs the advanced power management and lower cost of the Transmeta processor to provide one of the best values in portable computers.

Specifications (Pre-Configured)

Processor: Transmeta 1 GigaPro CPU, 512KB L2 Cache on die With LongRun Power Management x86-compatible code execution combined with Code Morphing
Memory: 256MB installed. 128MB on board + 128MB SODIMM in expansion socket
Display & Graphics: 14.1 inch XGA TFT LCD driven by SiS 315E Video Chipset 256bit 3D graphic engine
Drives: 30GB ATA 100/66 Hard Drive with DVD-ROM+CD-RW Combo Drive
User Interface: 88 key keyboard with 12 function keys and 3 Windows keys; E-mail & internet hot keys; Synaptics touchpad w/ scroll buttons
Audio: Integrated CMedia 9739A AC'97 2.1 controller with two built-in high quality stereo speakers.
Core Logic: ALi 1535+ SouthBridge (Northbridge embedded in Transmeta CPU)
Power: 4-cell 1800mAhr 53Whr prymatic li-Ion battery pack with 60W AC Adapter
Communications: 10/100BT LAN on board, Built-in v.90 56K Fax/modem, and 802.11b Wireless LAN
Input/Output: USB 2.0 (x4), RJ-11, RJ-45, Headphone jack, MIC-in, Parallel port, TV-Out, VGA port, DC-in
Physical: 12.83 x 10.17 x 0.99/1.26 inches (W x D x H-Front/H-Rear) 5.7lbs

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