Our Web Site Philosophy

At Web Masters, we care about the quality of our work:
  • creating exciting and informative webpages,
  • listening to and understanding the client's needs and desires,
  • maintaining an on-going relationship with our client, based on trust and respect,
  • maintaining a high level of communication with our clients as we work together to create the best website possible,
  • developing and retaining a network of professionals to assist us in building the right team to get the job done,
  • and helping you find all the pieces, and working with you to put them together.

We believe that to make a site interesting, it must be dynamic, adapting to the interest of the viewer; and it must be predictably updated so they keep coming back.

A balanced web site needs to be memorable; either in design or capabilities.  It needs to be compelling, so that people will wish to return.  It needs to be targeted to your market demographic, providing peripheral information that will draw potential customers.  The commercial information it provides should be available both in brief and in depth.  The casual browser should be able to quickly determine their interest without receiving volumes of information, while the interested customer should, without switching to some other mechanism, be able to get the in-depth information they want.

Through all of this, the web site needs to take into account the limitations of the technology.  The customer with limited bandwidth and viewing capabilities should not be left behind, and the overall structure of the web site should be aimed at the technological demographics of the potential customer.

We also believe that a site must be tuned to both customers and owners.  The services and the way they are provided must meet the desires and technical capabilities of the people viewing the site.  The on-going maintenance of the site must meet the resources and budget of the site owner.

We test our work with multiple web browsers on multiple platforms.  That process ensures that your site will be usable and presentable, whether the user is viewing the site via a text-based Unix browser or a top-of-the-line commercial product.  Finally, but by no means least important, the web site provider must be able to easily perform basic maintenance and updates.

For more detailed information on what makes a website successful, please refer to our white paper on "Building Your Website".

Our Design Philosophy

Web Masters' web site design is dedicated to producing the best web sites possible at reasonable rates.  We focus on design and originality to create innovative and captivating web presences.

We design our web pages from the standpoint of graphic artists, not Internet hackers.  Once the overall image has been designed, then we call in the programmers to make it a reality.

Instead of limiting the number of webpages and images by using fixed "web site package" plans, we concentrate on the content of your site and how to best represent it.  Restricting the number of pages and images on a site allows for few design innovations.  We believe in first assessing what you need for an outstanding website and basing our estimate on the actual work required to realize your custom design.

Each of our web sites is tailored to the client's needs and designed to reflect the client's image.  Our graphics are custom-designed for optimal effectiveness and compressed for high-speed loading.  Every element, from text-color to page content, is carefully coordinated and designed for continuity.

We maximize all web sites for use with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer while maintaining optimal performance on other browsers.

We enjoy what we do and strive to make every site unique and exciting.


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