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Getting More Information
To receive more information on a specific model or configuration or to ask which model best fits your requirements, please call or complete the form below. If it is between 9AM and 9PM M-F, EST you can contact our sales department directly at 800-486-4800. If it is outside of those hours or you would prefer you can submit your request via email.  Our sales department will promptly respond to your request.

STEP 1 - Tell us a bit about yourself. 

All information provided will be used for Keydata's internal purposes only. We hate spam and junk mail as much as you do, so we do not give or sell information to marketing companies or other parties.





















STEP 2 - Tell us some general background information so that we may serve you better.

What type of user are you? 


What will be the primary use for your new notebook?


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STEP 3 - What requirements do you have for a computer?

Note that not all specifications are supported on all models.  If you are requesting information on a specific model, our sales department will respond with the configuration that most closely matches your requirements.  If you are looking for a model to best fit your application, please select "best match" under model.

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