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"The new KeyLok brings combination lock style security to notebook computers"


Keynote 7080



Unmatched Strength Inside and Out

The 7080 is designed for the rigors of life on the road. Its smart design and magnesium case panels will allow the system to take abuse that lesser models simply could not handle. 

We all have locks to protect valuable items in our home and car, but most computers do not have same the same type of security. The innovative KeyLok security feature brings combination lock style security to notebook computers.  Once enabled, the system cannot be switched on without the proper combination.  

Inside this tough exterior is one serious computer. With the power of the Intel Pentium III processor, a spacious LCD, a rich sound system, and the near universal connectivity of built-in Ethernet and v.90 Modem ports this is one computer that will get the job done.




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