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Smart Design Incorporates all the Features

The 7060E packs advanced features like the Mobile Intel® Pentium III processor with Speed Step Technology™ and speeds up to 1Ghz (7060E), 15.1” XGA LCD, 133 Mhz system bus, 2x AGP 3D video, built in V.90 56k Fax Modem, and all in a package that is well designed and easy to manage.

The 7060 shows its flexibility with a built-in floppy, removable hard drive, DVD module which can be swapped with an optional Zip module, and its smart lithium battery with second battery option.




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* Maximum speed, actual speeds will vary. ** One GB is equal to one billion bytes. For specific information on CD/DVD drive speeds or details on the above footnotes and warranty/return policies please read the fine print page