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Keynote 6820



Super Slim and Ultra Light

The Keynote 6820 has a large list of features packed into one of the lightest, slimmest, designs available.   Its computing power comes from the powerful, micro-PGA-2, Mobile Intel® Pentium III processor with Speed Step Technology™.  The system will support up to 320MB of high speed memory and a large high speed hard drive.  The graphics are handled by a ATI Rage Mobility controller and displayed on a crisp, bright active matrix LCD screen.

Works well with others.  With a built-in 10/100 base-T network interface, a v.90 56k fax modem, a type II PCMCIA slot, USB port, and an optional IEEE 1394 port (in smartbase) the Keynote 6820 provides a connection option for nearly every situation.

The optional smart base, docks to the bottom of the computer and adds the ability to house both the CD ROM and floppy drive as well as add a compartment for a second battery and a IEEE1394 firewire port.


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