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The Lean Mean Portable Machine

The Keynote 6800 draws its power from the Intel Pentium III processor running at mind-bending speeds up to 1GHz and the advanced SiS core logic.

1Ghz is equal to 1000Mhz, which means that the processor is capable of running faster 20% than an 800Mhz processor running the same software in the same system.   The advanced SiS chipset boasts features like 133Mhz processor front side bus support, support for high speed PC133 memory, a 128bit 2D/3D/DVD video accelerator which can be configured to use up to 64MB of shared memory. 

With the integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet + v.90 56k modem you will never be out of touch.  You can attach either a phone line or a network cable to the shared media port and you will be able to communicate on a network or on dial up.  The system also provides an IEEE 1394 Firewire interface to allow you to connect a digital video camera or other high speed device.

In striving to provide the highest technical specifications, we made sure that none of the ergonimic features were overlooked.  The system features a touchpad pointing device, 3 quick launch keys for fast internet application access, a full size notebook keyboard, stereo speakers, and a hardware volume control all in a sleek design.


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