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  "Technology-leading notebooks,  Fast delivery, and Solid support  is why Keydata is, The Notebook Leader"


1990 Lunchbox Computer

1992 The First Keynote

1993 The 486DX Keynote Commander

1994 Internal CD ROM debuts in the Keynote Multimedia 

1995 The Pentium goes mobile in the Keynote Elite

1996 Keynote GT adds swapable bays and 12" TFT screens




In the Beginning

Keydata has been a major name in the portable computer business as long as there has been a portable computer business.

It was 1989, and the Age of Portable Computing had begun. That's when Keydata began selling portables.

Our computers brought the latest in cutting-edge technology to the market -- Gas Plasma Display "Lunchbox" models, and portable CRT models. These Keydata computers were excellent machines for their era, making it possible to put most of the power -- and along with it, most of the weight -- of a desktop system at the end of your arm. They were big, they were powerful . . . . and you had to be too, to carry them around.

It was only a year later, in 1990, that portable computing became far more portable. That was the year Keydata began selling laptop computers. But another change was on its way.

As portable as a book: the Keynote

In June 1992, Keydata introduced the first Keynote notebook computer. This sturdy, hard-working 486SLC notebook would soon get good reviews from the press, and enthusiastic endorsements from customers.

The Keynote was the first in a growing line of Keydata notebooks, each new model bringing new levels of convenience and power to portable computing. And each developed to meet specific customer needs and take advantage of new technology. Today, more than 200,000 Keydata portable and notebook computers have been sold.

The right size for the right response

Keydata is a company with one focus: the portable market. It's a market that demands the highest in portable computing power, storage, and connectivity. We've developed innovative management, production, and distribution solutions geared solely to that end.

Our accumulated portable computing experience is combined with exceptionally efficient and flexible manufacturing processes. We can implement the newest technology faster -- much faster -- than most of our competitors, large or small. That also means we are able to respond to market needs much faster.

Today, the scope of our market extends beyond North America: we also deliver to Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and South America.

We know notebooks inside and out

One of the contributing reasons to Keydata's growth, is the strength of our customer support. Questions are answered, and problems are solved, fast.

Why? Certainly part of the reason is the fact that over a third of our tech support and customer service team members hold master's degrees. That means qualified support is there when needed, not later, from people who know notebook computers inside and out.

Keynotes in Key Roles

There are several important reasons why Keydata's Keynote computers are especially popular with Corporate and Government users: quality, performance, support, and the ability to respond immediately. We carry an inventory more than sufficient to meet virtually any order without delays. That's why Keynotes are hard at work in many Federal, State, and Municipal level government offices, and in companies such as AT&T, McDonnell Douglas, Abbott Laboratories and Merrill Lynch. You can order with confidence.


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