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Market Research Analyst
: B.S. in Business Administration or equivalent. Research & analyze market factor & data to sales strategies & increase market potential. Analyze marketing data & perform quantitative analysis using database management, financial & graphic software. Administrator internal and external promotion & incentive program. Maintain Marketing/Sales SOP. Construct table/chart & present analysis summary to top management for decision marketing. Identify & prevent abnormal & reduce error on customer, production & freight/credit claim information.  E-mail resume with salary requirement to human resources at [email protected]

 Shipping Specialist : B.A. in Business Administration + 3 years in field exp. Coordinate transportation activities, e.g. container loading, routing, scheduling, billing & tariff classification. Bargain w/ carriers for container detention & demurrage free time. Calculate empty container turnover time. Trace shipment location using on-line service. Investigate complaint report, damaged goods or shortage to determine responsibility. Generate analysis & graphic chart using MS Word, Power Point & Excel work sheet. Recommend to improve control & efficiency of transportation methods.  E-mail resume with salary requirement to human resources at [email protected]

 Graphic Designer :  M.A. in Communication Arts + 1 years in field exp. Apply computer-aided processes to create & manipulate graphics for editing, composing, retouching, typography. Design & produce catalog, brochure & flyer. Originate idea to design graphics for company home page & present product design on web site. Integrate animation, still images & text w/ graphical design into web site.  E-mail resume with salary requirement to human resources at [email protected]



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