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Smart Bay Technology lets you swap between a floppy drive, LS-120, ZIP100, 2nd Hard Drive, and Second Battery.


The spacious 15" XGA LCD provides apmle viewing area for presentations and daily work.


The optional port replicator simplifies all external connections



The Keynote 8800XLM has all the ports you need - and more.


The Keynote 8800 XLM is enough computer to make your desktop green with envy.  With its ground breaking 15.0"* active matrix LCD screen, the mobile Pentium II processor,  and a heap of device options thanks to the revolutionary Smart Bay.

If it is raw computer you need, your search is over.  The 400 pin second generation (MMC-2) mobile module connector allows the use of Intel's hottest mobile microprocessors.  These currently are running up to 400Mhz.  The modular architecture allows the core logic and cache to be integrated with the microprocessor, so future upgrades can update the cache and core logic to ensure optimum performance with the microprocessor.

Whether you are presenting your ideas to others or just crunching numbers in the office the gigantic 15.0"* LCD provides a wonderful window into cyberspace.  In fact this is the same viewing area as some 17" monitors.  Advanced LCD technology harnesses  2.4 million transistor cells  to give a crisp 1024 x 768 resolution in true color.  This makes the system well suited to graphics, CAD, desktop publishing, or just surfing the web. 

Behind the beauty of the LCD lies the beast - The ATI Rage 3D LT video chipset.  ATI's advanced graphics engine enhances the processing of 2D and 3D windows functions.  The video chipset is wired directly into the CPU via the Advanced Graphics Port (AGP).  This video specific port bypasses the PCI and ISA busses to allow video data to go directly to the video controller without competing for bus time with other devices like drive controllers

Like the other members of the 8800 family, the 8800XLM utilizes the flexibility of an integrated Smart Bay.  If the standard 1.44MB floppy will not hold your data, you can easily swap to an ultra high density LS-120 floppy drive with a capacity of 120MB and the ability to read standard 1.44 diskettes.  If you need to share data with other platforms you could opt for the 100MB Iomega Zip drive.   If larger high speed storage is what you need, you can pop in a second ultra DMA hard drive.  On top of all those drive options, you can also tap into the power of a second smart lithium Ion battery to double your battery life.

With the optional DVD-ROM drive you can watch the hottest movies with the digital clarity and sound of DVD.  Currently movies are the only information placed on DVD disks, however with enough capacity to hold more than 6 standard CD's the DVD will soon replace the CD.   You can also use the video capture port with a camcorder to do video conferencing and record video clips.



Pentium II /333/366/400MHz (MMC-2 socket)

  expandable to 384MB SDRAM, 256K On Die Cache embedded in processor module

AGP bus ATi Rage Pro LT with 8MB of Display Memory
15"/12.1" screen sizes with 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and true color.

ESS Maestro-2 (1968) full duplex, 3D sound with built in stereo speakers

Human Interface
87 Key, 19 mm Pitch Keyboard with Windows Keys. Built in Touchpad 

Disk Drives
Removable 2.5" x 17mm Ultra DMA Hard Drive with capacities up to 14GB*. 24x(max) CD ROM with optional DVD ROM

O2Micro controller with one Type II and one Type III sockets.  Support for 32bit Cardbus and Zoomed video cards.

I/O Ports
16550 Serial Port, ECP Parallel, Fast Infrared (4Mb/s), PS/2 Keyboard or mouse, Game / MIDI, Two USB, Video In/Out

Smart Bay
Multi-function accepts FDD (1.44MB),  Zip (100MB), LS-120 (120MB), 2nd HDD Ultra DMA , or 2nd Battery

Smart Lithium Ion 4800mAH with integrated charge level indicator. Same battery can be used as primary or in smart bay. ACPI & APM power management. 120/240v AC Adapter

Dimensions & Weight*
316 x 259 x 55.5mm (W x D x H) for screens under 15". 324 x 273 x 54mm (W x D x H) for 15".  3.4 kg with 12. 1 TFT, Li-Ion, CD-ROM and FDD




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* Maximum speed, actual speeds will vary. ** One GB is equal to one billion bytes. For specific information on CD/DVD drive speeds or details on the above footnotes and warranty/return policies please read the fine print page