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Perfect For The Road Warrior

The Keynote 3300's performance, features, and affordability make it stand out of the crowd.  Not only was this the first Keynote to offer the raw power of the Intel Mobile Pentium III CPU, it adds cutting edge features like a IEEE 1394 Firewire interface, 8MB AGP Graphics, DVD option, LS-120 option, and S-video out.

The Keynote 3300 does not sacrifice any of the "standard" notebook features.  The LCD is a glorious 14.1" oasis of bright colors and is driven by the ATI Rage Pro LT 3D video controller with 8MB of SGRAM, the memory supports up to 256MB to handle even the most complicated applications,  rich audio is provided by the ESS maestro-2 audio controller, and the system is abound with all the standard ports.

Microprocessor  Intel Pentium III / Celeron up to 750 Mhz with Speed Step Technology
Core Logic Intel 440BX
Memory Two 144 pin DIMM sockets. Supports 64/128/192/256 MB configurations
L2 Cache 256k 
BIOS Systemsoft 256k Flash EPROM. Includes system BIOS, VGA BIOS.  Plug and play and ACPI compliant
Display 14.1"  LCD which supports 1024x768 XGA resolution with High Colors
Hard Drive 2.5" x 9.5mm height, 6.4/12/18GB Ultra DMA
Keyboard Full size 19mm keys with Windows function keys
Audio ESS Maestro-2 (1968) full duplex, 3D sound with built in stereo speakers
PCMCIA Two Type II or one Type III sockets
I/O Ports EEE 1394 Firewire, 16550 Serial Port, ECP Parallel, Fast Infrared (4Mb/s), SVGA, PS/2 Keyboard or mouse, Two USB, S-Video Out, 3 audio (line, mic, spkr)
Smart Battery Li-Ion Battery
Power Management Multi-Level power savings with doze, sleep, suspend, and hibernation settings
Pointing Device Integrated Touchpad
Power Universal AC adapter, 120/24V auto switching
Options LS-120 Floppy Drive, DVD ROM, Fax Modem (56k*bps), Car Adapter, Port Replicator
Dimensions 316mm(w) x 256mm(d) x 38.5mm(h)
7.1Lbs (3.22Kg)





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* Maximum speed, actual speeds will vary. ** One GB is equal to one billion bytes. For specific information on CD/DVD drive speeds or details on the above footnotes and warranty/return policies please read the fine print page