Video Conferencing, IEEE 1394, KeySecurity, Built-in Network & Modem
Truly unique is the only way to describe the Keynote 2000.  These exciting features are backed by the Mobile Pentium II processor, high speed memory, and cavernous storage.  Be prepared for the millennium with the Keynote 2000 ...More

Big Screen, Intel Mobile Pentium Processor, Yamaha 3D Audio, And Many Drive Options...
Who Needs A Desktop PC
Features like a blazing Mobile Pentium II Processor running at 366Mhz, a vivid 15" XGA LCD, and video conferencing capabilities: The Keynote 8800XLM sets a pace that most desktop PC's cannot match. Also unmatched is the ability to use a DVD drive, 24x CD ROM Floppy Drive, Zip Drive, LS120 Drive, or two Ultra DMA hard drives. ...More

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