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LCD Transfer Card Screw Removal

Some problems have been reported where the image on the LCD will flicker, will have lines running through the image, or will have incorrect colors.  These problems can be made to appear and disappear by moving the screen assembly back and forth.  We have traced this issue back to a possible connection problem created as the case is flexed. The flexing of the case is transferred to the LCD transfer card, which creates a poor connection between this board and the mainboard.  The solution for this issue is to remove one of the three screws which holds the LCD transfer card in place.  This will allow the case and transfer card to move independent of each other.






  1. Turn of power, remove battery, and disconnect the AC adapter.
  2. Lift the palm rest release latches
  3. Slide the palm rest toward you
  4. Slide the Keyboard up over the palm rest
  5. Open the LCD all the way and, using a flat screw driver, release the speaker cover plate. There are 4 snap locations along the front edge of this cover.
  6. Lift upward on the speaker cover plate to remove.
  7. Locate the right side LCD transfer card screw
  8. Remove the screw
  9. Reinstall the speaker cover plate, keyboard, and palm rest.