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Upgrading Your Keydata 
Follow the steps below to enhance the capabilities of your Keynote or Power Station

1. Determine the computer model which you have.  Please see the Products Summary page for a description of all hardware sold to the FDA.  Note that for notebook models all information is arranged by the model number placed on the bottom of the computer.

2. Determine your upgrade potential

Notebook Models

Model Item Available Upgrades
MP975 Memory 48 or 80MB 
MP975 Hard Drive 6.4GB  Note the system may require a BIOS upgrade to support this drive. Click for Details
MP975 CPU None (Intel no longer produces the Pentium CPU)
MP978 Memory 64, 96, or 128MB
MP978 Hard Drive 6.4GB, 12GB.
MP978 CPU None
MP989 Memory 128, 256, or 384MB
MP989 Hard Drive 6.4GB or 12GB
MP989 CPU None

Desktop Computer Models

Model Item Available Upgrades
Pentium  Memory 64, 128MB
Pentium  Hard Drive 6.4, 8.4, 13, 20GB
Pentium CPU none
Pentium II Memory 64, 128, 256MB
Pentium II  Hard Drive 8.4, 13, 20GB
Pentium II CPU none
Pentium III Memory 256, 384, 512MB
Pentium III Hard Drive 13, 20GB
Pentium III CPU none

3. Request pricing.  Upgrade parts prices fluctuate almost daily with market conditions, to ensure that you receive the best possible pricing on your upgrade, we have not posted static prices.  Please complete the form below to request a quote on the upgrade parts which you require.  

Name: (Required)
Email Address: (Required)
For notebooks the model number will be on the bottom of the unit. Desktop units are classified by the CPU type
Upgrade Item:
Requested Upgrade:
Enter the desired upgrade. For example 128MB for memory or 13GB for hard drive
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