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Misc. Downloadable Drivers

Notes: The following are miscellaneous files which are used on various computers and hardware

Misc Files
Description Format Size
(Time @ 56k)
Windows 98 Shutdown Patch Self Extracting(.exe) 491 (2 min)
Alps Touchpad Driver - Windows 9x Self Extracting(.exe) 468 (2 min)
Alps Touchpad Driver - Windows NT Self Extracting(.exe) 192 (1 min)
Windows 95 Patch for no dial sounds on PCMCIA Modems Self Extracting(.exe) 108 (1 min)
Generic DOS CD ROM Driver Self Extracting(.exe) 69 (<1 min)
Ic-card PCMCIA Network Card Drivers Self Extracting(.exe) 901 (3 min)
Kingmax 5605 PCMCIA Modem Driver - Windows 2000 Self Extracting(.exe) 813 (3 min)
Kingmax 5602 PCMCIA Modem Drivers Self Extracting(.exe) 427 (2 min)
Logitech Touchpad Driver - Windows 9x Self Extracting(.exe) 1709 (6 min)
Driver Pack For Common PCMCIA Modems Self Extracting(.exe) 64 (<1 min)
Intel Speedstep Driver Self Extracting(.exe) 969 (3 min)
Synaptics Touchpad Driver - Windows 9x Zip (.zip) 1423 (5 min)
Windows 95 USB Supplement
 Self Extracting(.exe)  943 (3 min)
File Formats
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to view/print.  This software can be downloaded for free from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
Self-Extracting (.exe) Executable program that will self-extract the files when run
Zip (.zip) Requires zip decompression software to extract the files.  A version of this software can be downloaded from http://www.winzip.com

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