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Welcome To Keydata
Keydata has been a leader in the portable computer market as long as there has been a portable computer market. Our roots go back to the barely portable lunchbox 286 computers and our vision goes far into the future.  We use our experience to provide and support the hottest notebook portable computers at some of the hottest prices.  Check out a Keynote and you will easily see why we are "The Notebook Leader"


Site Features

Hot Deals
Special pricing on pre-configured Keynote Models


Year 2000 Information
All current models are Y2K compliant.  If you have an older model, click to check your status.


Parts & Upgrades
Keydata always has a large stock of parts and upgrades on hand for your Keynote.


Fits All Needs
If you like the performance of the Pentium III, but have restricted budget you can check out the Keynote 5150 which sports AMD's K6-3. If you are looking for an affordable all-around computer, you should look at the Keynote 5360.  And if you are looking to replace your desktop with a full featured system, have a look at the Keynote 8800XLM. 

Long Term Support
Along with providing top notch support for the products we sell, Keydata also provides upgrades and service for many similar notebook models where the original vendor has gone out of business or falls short on service. More...


The Mobile Pentium III Has Arrived
Keydata is proud to introduce the Keynote 3300, which features Intel's new 0.18 micro masterpiece - the Mobile Pentium III.  Also included are other cutting edge technologies like IEEE 1394 Firewire, 8MB 3D video, a huge 14.1" LCD, optional DVD ROM and LS120 drives, and all standard features.  All of this is packed into a slim, light design. More...

Intel's 0.18 micro masterpiece




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* Maximum speed, actual speeds will vary. ** One GB is equal to one billion bytes. For specific information on CD/DVD drive speeds or details on the above footnotes and warranty/return policies please read the fine print page