Introducing the Keynote 8800. The following list describes the important features of the Keynote 8800. Click Here to see the detailed Specifications.

Core Logic  
The Keynote 8800 uses the Intel Pentium or Tillamook CPUs with up to a 266Mhz Clock Speed and MMX technology. Most of the remaining mainboard functions are handled by the Intel 430TX Mobile Chipset. Main memory is comprised of up to 128MB of Synchronous RAM (SDRAM ) or EDO DRAM which is further accelerated by the 512k synchronous pipeline burst cache.
The available 14.1" Active Matrix LCD is capable of displaying an amazing image at 1024x768 in 16 Million Colors. Driving the video is a Chips and Technology 64bit graphics engine with 4MB of EDO memory. The system also includes Composite video In and Out ports which allow you to capture images from a camcorder and will also allow to display to a television for big screen presentations.
The system has more storage options than most desktop computers. The primary hard drive is a removable EIDE hard drive with capacities over 5GB. The 20x CD ROM has its own bay so that you do not have to swap drives when you need access to a CD, but the drive is still removable so you can easily upgrade to DVD. With the versatile Smart Bay you can choose from a 1.44 Floppy drive, 100MB Zip Drive, 120MB Ultra high density Floppy drive (LS-120), or a second EIDE Hard Drive.
Ports, ports, and more ports. Allow you to connect virtually all current devices with more ports for emerging devices. The system has the standard serial port, parallel port (EPP/ECP and can also support the floppy drive), PS/2 port, SVGA port, . Game/MIDI, and Audio in/out ports. The system is equipped with 2 Universal Serial Bus Ports and a Fast (4MB/s) Infrared port to connect to the newest, hottest peripherals. To further expand the system there are ports for one Type 2 and one Type 2 or 3 high speed CardBus/PCMCIA cards with Zoomed Video Support.

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