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Keynote 8300

Description Options
Processor Pentium up to 200Mhz MMX  
Core Logic Intel 430MX Mobile Chipset  
Cache 256k SRAM  
Memory 16MB EDO DRAM (expandable to 80MB)  
BIOS Phoenix NoteBIOS (Flash)  
Hard disk 2.5" EIDE  
Floppy disk 1.44 MB 3.5"  
CD-ROM 8X (Built-in, EIDE Secondary channel Master)  
Video 128 Bit NeoMagic NMX2093 PCI Graphics accelerator  
Composite Video Output NTSC or PAL composite video output for display on a Television or other video device  
Sound Integrated 16-bit Full Duplex audio hardware (ESS1878) with 1MB Wave Table synthesis and stereo speakers.  

12.1" SVGA Active

PCMCIA 2 Type II slots or 1 Type III slot. Support for 3.3v & 5v PC Cards and support for Zoom Video cards.  
Ports 1 parallel, 1 serial, 1 SVGA, 1 keyboard, 1 microphone, 1 external speaker, IrDA FIR (4M/s) Infrared port, 1MIDI/Game port., and TV (composite) video out port.  
Keyboard 88 key w/ Windows 95 Keys  
Pointing Device Synoptics Touchpad  
Dimensions 11.8"(W) x 9"(D) x 2.2"(H)  
Weight 7 lbs  
Accessories Ac adapter (110v/220v auto switching) & Carry Bag Docking Station

Car Adapter

Battery Charger

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